What Amazon Sellers Can Do When Products from China Are Not as Expected

Audits are necessary

  • Make inquiries about the manufacturer, determine its reputation in your product category.
  • Don’t trust that everything is fine. Just because the factory has an in-process quality control officer there is always a chance your specifications can be lost in translation.
  • Instead you should engage a China sourcing agent to identify a reliable manufacturer and conduct quality inspections at all stages of production.
  • Conduct a factory audit yourself or arrange for an inspection by a respected third-party agency.

Quality is directly proportional to cost

Manufactured product does not match the sample

Ways to enforce quality standards

  1. Send the approved sample under seal back to the manufacturer. The purpose is to ensure that factory staff have a handy reference when they’re producing your items.
  2. Be specific about your requirements to the factory manager, key factory workers and if possible, to a higher-level decision maker. Reiterate that strict adherence to specifications means ensuring that finished products match 97%-100% of the sample.
  3. Make it known in your manufacturing contract, emails and in-person meetings that a third-party quality inspection agency will conduct a random pre-shipment check. Any issues with a batch need to be resolved on a priority basis. Hire a licensed agency whose inspectors have the competency to do a multi-point inspection of batches based on the specifications document you’ve provided.
  4. Partner with a China sourcing agent who has experience working with Amazon sellers. You can keep product quality issues to a minimum, even eliminate them entirely. Here’s why: a good sourcing agent will keep the sample and compare against products after mass production has begun, allowing them to detect discrepancies, take the matter up with the factory and have the products fixed or new ones made. Additionally, one of the sourcing agent’s staff members supervises your order on the factory floor, ensuring that the golden sample is duplicated on a large scale.

Dealing with bad quality products

Remaking products

Replacement parts

  • Will the parts be provided free of charge and if so, what is the validity period on the replacement parts?
  • Do you have to order above the MOQ to get replacement parts?
  • Who will be responsible for the delivery costs?
  • What is the timeframe for receiving the spare parts?
Although certainly not desirable, one option might be to repair products to meet the demand.

Repairing the product

Getting a refund

Three dispute scenarios

#1: You made a one-time purchase from a trading company or a Chinese factory

#2: You made a one-time purchase using a China sourcing agent

  • What constitutes a defective item? How to distinguish between good and bad quality? (your contract should lay this out clearly)
  • What evidence listing the defective items need to be provided? Ex: photos, comparisons with sample, documented errors, and so on.
  • How many items will be checked and indexed? If a product fails compliance testing, will the entire batch need to be replaced?
  • How many days does the manufacturer have to repair, replace or refund the products?
  • How many days do you have, from the time of shipping the consignment, to bring defective products to the attention of the manufacturer?

#3: You have a long-term relationship with the supplier

Taking the manufacturer to court




www.sourcingallies.com/ www.ulne.se/ www.sourcingallies.com/blog/guide-to-finding-a-manufacturer https://www.ulne.se/blog/pasar-under-ogonen-bli-av-med-dem

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Sourcing Allies

Sourcing Allies

www.sourcingallies.com/ www.ulne.se/ www.sourcingallies.com/blog/guide-to-finding-a-manufacturer https://www.ulne.se/blog/pasar-under-ogonen-bli-av-med-dem

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