Injection Molding — Setting up Manufacturing in China

What is plastic injection molding?

What raw materials are used?

Plastic injection molding products can be found just about anywhere


The History

Made in China: The market today

Why China

  • You can find suppliers just about anywhere in China. The East and Central South regions especially have a large concentration of plastic factories. You’ll find suppliers who cater to both large-volume and small-volume orders.
  • The sheer scale of China’s manufacturing capacity means it is capable of producing all types, sizes and quantities of custom-made plastic products.
  • In line with China’s growing adoption of robot technology, many of its plastic manufacturing companies use advanced automated processes for high product consistency and production efficiency.
  • Being the world’s largest plastics producer, plastic raw material is easily available in China.
  • It is also the world’s leading producer of injection molding machines.
  • China’s transport infrastructure — with its superhighways, high-speed rail networks and ports — is among the most modern and efficient in the world and geared towards facilitating exports. As it extends its infrastructure at home, it is also providing financial assistance to neighbors such as Myanmar and Pakistan to build ports and rail terminals to service its own export hubs.
  • All of this means that China’s supply chain integration is highly superior.
  • Prices in China are highly competitive. The overall efficiency of the manufacturing process keeps costs low and ensures that you don’t compromise on quality.
  • China suppliers have both experience and expertise. You can expect an experienced supplier to not only manufacture your goods but offer engineering support to make it a better product.
  • Sourcing from China means access to its vast resources and technologically advanced equipment.
  • There’s no need to buy your own equipment. You also save on maintenance and repair costs and workers’ salaries.


  • High-speed production. The cycle lasts between a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the mold’s size and complexity.
  • Mass production with consistent measurements. It shouldn’t be a problem to produce 200,000-odd parts before the equipment requires repairs or maintenance (though the material used has a say in this).
  • Cost-efficient. As a raw material, plastic is cheaper than rubber or metals. Manufacturing and labor costs are also low, and more and more manufacturers are using automated processes that in turn further reduce manpower. Low waste rate — especially in the case of thermoplastics, which can be recycled and remolded — also helps keep manufacturing cost low.
  • Design flexibility. Plastic injection molding is perfect for producing detail-heavy and intricately shaped parts.
  • Good surface finish. Usually, very little post-production work is required, though special finishes such as a shiny look, leather-like finish or engravings are also possible.
  • Wide choice of materials and colors. Also, more than one plastic can be used simultaneously. For example, a PVC/ABS blend is intended to have the best of both materials but with few disadvantages of either.


  • High initial tooling cost. Complex molds with multiple cavities can cost thousands of dollars to design and manufacture.
  • High initial lead time due to product conception, design, tooling, and testing. The tooling stage can take between 15 days and three months.
  • Thermoset plastics cannot be recycled.
  • Performance of recycled material is inferior compared to new material.
  • Not cost-effective for very large moldings.
  • Warpage (shape distortion during cooling) and shrinkage.




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