Sourcing for Amazon Sales

China, the World’s Factory

Selling on Amazon

Key Amazon statistics

Steps to open an Amazon seller account

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

Keep these points in mind when zeroing in on the product(s) you will ultimately sell

Options for sourcing inventory

Just about anyone can sell on Amazon

Sourcing Pitfalls

1. Verify suppliers

2. Know how to leap over the language barrier and cultural differences

3. Remember, when you go low, they go low

Make sure you communicate how you want your products made.

4. Explicitly state how you want your product manufactured

5. Conduct regular quality control inspections

What to Do if You’ve Received Bad Quality Products

Negotiating with suppliers versus suing them

Financing your product inventory is often a challenge. However, there are ways of managing cash flow issues.

Order Financing and Cash Flow

How PO financing works

Situations when PO financing is useful

Cash flow management

Custom Branded Products





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Sourcing Allies

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